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Do You Need Planning Permission For A Resin Driveway

A resin driveway is a stylish and highly functional addition to many homes and properties. This is an affordable way to create more space for parking a vehicle or transform the look of your home.

However, there are some planning permission requirements with resin bonded driveways, and it is vital you know when you need to apply for permission. The Resin Crew is on hand with all the information you need on planning permission for resin bound driveways.

Do You Have A Resin Bound Or Resin Bonded Driveway?

You might not be too aware of the difference between a resin-bound and resin-bonded driveway, but there is a subtle difference, and this might impact whether you need planning permission or not.

A resin-bound driveway is created by mixing aggregates, such as gravel or crushed stone, with a clear resin binder. The mixture is thoroughly combined, ensuring all aggregates are evenly coated with the resin. This well-blended mixture is then trowelled onto a solid and stable base, creating a smooth, seamless, and visually attractive surface.

In contrast, a resin-bonded driveway involves a slightly different application technique. In this method, a resin layer is applied directly onto the prepared base, and then loose aggregates are scattered onto the resin while it is still wet.

You Don’t Need Planning Permission For Resin Bound Driveways

The good news is that you don’t need planning permission for a resin-bound driveway, regardless of the drive size. This outcome applies to all permeable driveways. Resin bound surfaces offer SUDS compliance.

You Might Need Planning Permission For A Resin-Bonded Driveway

If you install a bonded drive larger than 5m2, you will require planning permission from your local authority. This is the case for all impermeable driveways, including concrete drives. Resin bonded surfaces aren't SUDS compliant.

Impermeable Drives Require Planning Permission Over A Specific Size

The critical factor to consider is whether resin driveways are permeable. A resin-bonded drive doesn’t allow water to run off to a porous area, heightening the risk of flooding. The larger the driveway, the more significant potential for water run-off and the heightened risk of flooding.

So, if you plan on installing a resin-bound driveway, there are no planning concerns. If you plan on installing resin bonded driveways, please check the size. If the planned driveway is greater than 5 square metres, you will require planning permission.

To recap:

  • Resin bound driveways don't require permission
  • Resin bonded driveways might require permission, depending on the size

Do Any Other Factors Influence Whether A New Driveway Requires Planning Permission?

There are other factors to consider concerning planning permission for a new drive.

Where Will Water Flow Off Your Driveway?

You need to consider how and where the water runs off your drive. There is a concern if the rainwater naturally flows towards a front garden lawn or border, but you can remove this issue by ensuring there is an adequate trench or drainage system.

If the rainwater can flow away naturally thanks to sustainable drainage systems, minimising the risk of flooding, there are no planning concerns.

If water might gather, there is no harm in contacting your county council to ensure your planned drive meets their expectations.

The Type Of Building You Live In Is A Planning Permission Factor

The resin driveway guidance relates to the front gardens of a property; it doesn’t apply to the following buildings:

  • Maisonettes
  • Converted properties
  • Properties built thanks to permitted development rights that enabled a change of use

If one of these situations applies to your property, it is best to contact your local council and explain your situation. In most cases, they’ll provide clarification and a simple yes or no as to whether you require planning permission.

There Are No Restrictions For Land At The Side Or Rear Of Your Property

As long as all other guidelines are adhered to, there aren’t any restrictions on land at or close to ground level. This means installing a resin driveway at the side or rear of a property will not be an issue.

How To Apply For Planning Permission For A Driveway

Your local planning authority website will have information regarding how to apply for planning permission for a new driveway if required. You can also review The Planning Portal website for more details and make an online application.

Resin driveways are a stylish addition to any home, and the Resin Crew is here to help you enjoy resin bound surfaces with a minimum of fuss or concern.

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