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Do Weeds Grow Through Resin Driveways

Do weeds grow through resin driveways? The short answer is no: as long as the resin-bound surface is properly installed, it should be impossible for weeds to grow through the resin. The longer answer is that as weed-resistant as resin-bound surfaces are, there are certain circumstances in which you may find weeds growing. Let's take a look at why resin-bound surfaces are weed resistant, why you might still find weed growth, and what you need to do about it.

What Makes Resin-Bound Driveways Weed-Resistant?

Being resistant to weeds is one of the many benefits of a resin driveway and there are two main reasons why weeds can't grow through resin.

The Surface Is Bound

Because the surface of resin driveways is completely bound to the substrate underneath, there is no way for weeds to push their way through from the earth underneath. If you compare this to something like block paving where there are many small gaps and you can see why you are likely to get weed issues with one and not the other. For more learnings, you can check out our post "Are Resin Driveways Cheaper Than Block Paving?".

Its Porous Nature

The permeable and porous nature of a resin-bound system means that water does not collect on the surface or within the resin. In fact, the water drains very quickly through the resin and into the earth below. This means that there is no water available for the weeds to grow.

Why You Might See Weeds On Resin-Bound Surfacing Anyway

You might be reading the above about how weeds can't grow through a resin-bound stone surface and thinking "Then why am I looking at weeds on my resin driveway?". There are two reasons why you might see weeds on resin surfaces. And one is more serious than the other.

Surface Weeds

This weed growth is a less serious situation and is very easy to deal with. While weeds can't grow through resin driveways, they can grow on top of it. But only briefly. The wind can blow tiny seedlings onto your driveway that then start to germinate allowing the weeds to grow. You might also see algae or moss growth on the surface of your resin driveway.

But these weeds won't last long. As we have mentioned, resin driveways are very permeable so there won't be enough water to allow the weeds to grow very much. And since the resin creates one continuous surface, there is nowhere for their roots to grow.

How To Deal With Surface Weeds

If you have surface weed growth, it is very easy to deal with. A little bit of commercial weed killer or algae killer, scrub with a stiff brush and warm water or some jet washing with a pressure washer, and some diluted household detergent are usually enough to clear the weeds, moss, and algae.

You can also treat resin driveways with a weed killer regularly to stop the tiny seeds from being able to grow at all. But regular brushing and jet washing can help to prevent weed, moss, and algae growth as well. For more information, check out our post “Can You Jet Wash Resin Driveways".

Weeds From Cracks Or Holes

This is a more serious situation than surface weed growth because it indicates that there is a problem with the existing surface or the substrate beneath. In a nutshell, weeds grow through resin surfaces only when it has been compromised in some way.


If you notice driveway weeds that extend into the resin-bound surface (not just sit on top) and there are also loose stones or holes, this means that the resin-bound surface has been damaged which is allowing the weeds to grow either up from the sub-base or down from the surface. It is important to get this dealt with as soon as possible because the weed growth will only exacerbate the issue, loosening even more resin-bound stone aggregate and creating larger holes.

Holes and loose stones in a resin driveway can have a variety of causes. These can include:

  • An improper ratio of aggregate to resin when it was mixed
  • improper conditions when the resin driveway was being laid (e.g. too humid, too wet, too hot)
  • A heavy load such as a large vehicle cause damage to the resin-bound driveway
  • Chips caused by metal tools such as shovels

If the cause of the holes is poor installation, then your ultimate solution may need to be getting the resin-bound driveway re-done. A reputable resin driveway company will be able to advise if this is the best course of action for you.

If the holes have been caused by damage from external factors, then it is possible to repair only the damaged areas without needing to relay the entire resin drive. Again, seeking advice from a professional installer is your best bet here. Our post "Can You Repair Resin Driveways" maybe interest you. You can check it out.


Cracks in a resin-bound driveway can indicate the sub-base is unstable or there can be a more surface-level cause. Either way, if you notice weeds growing through cracks in your driveway, then this needs to be dealt with quickly before the damage gets any worse. You can also check out our post "Do Resin Driveways Crack" for more additional insights.

Cracks can have a few different causes:

  • Reflective cracking - this is caused by movement in the sub-base that has created movement in the resin surface, forcing open a crack. Resin driveways need to be laid on a stable surface such as Tarmac or asphalt. If they are laid on something that moves, such as block paving, then reflective cracks can appear.
  • Re-entrant cracking - this is caused by a sharp angle from something like a step protruding into the resin surface which has created an acute stress point.
  • Damage from heavy loads - like holes, cracks can also be caused by heavy vehicles.

A professional resin driveway company will be able to assess the cause of your cracks and develop a plan for how to deal with them.

If they are caused by reflective cracking, then a new driveway with a new stable sub-base will need to be installed. Re-entrant cracking, on the other hand, can be dealt with by repairing the resin and installing a joint that will spread the load.

If You Have Weeds In Your Resin-Bound Driveway

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you notice weeds in your driveway. We are experts in resin driveways, their proper installation, and investigating and tackling any problems with them.

Our experienced and highly-trained team will come out and assess the cause of your weed growth and develop a plan with you for how to fix it. If you are worried about weeds, you shouldn't leave them for too long because their roots can create even more damage throughout your driveway surface.

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