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When you want a new driveway, there are plenty of options open to you.

Loose gravel is probably the cheapest, but you could go for block paving, pattern imprinted concrete, asphalt or tarmac, to mention a few.

While all of these examples have a lot going for them, one solution stands out from the rest: the resin-bound driveways.

Here at Resin Crew in Peterlee, we've seen the popularity of resin-bound surfaces increase drastically as more consumers become aware of the many benefits. The secret to its success lies in the quality of the installation process and the materials, and that's why we are the company to call when you want to install a resin driveway.


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What Is A Resin-Bound Driveway?

Also called resin-bound paving or resin-bound gravel, this amazing invention uses a mix of dried aggregates (gravel) with a UV-stable resin that sets into a hard surface.

Resin-bound systems can be used to make resin patios, resin pathways, tree pits, driveways, or any paved area you wish.

This system is fast becoming the most popular choice for homeowners, commercial enterprises and local authorities for a cost-effective, practical and attractive paving surface.

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What Are The Benefits Of Resin Driveways?

While you might think we're biased at Resin Crew, wait until we tell you how great resin-bound driveways are, and then you're sure to agree!

Here are a few of the benefits of installing a resin-bound system:

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Unlike some types of hard surfaces, such as pattern-imprinted concrete, a resin-bound surface allows water to permeate and drain away through small holes and into the ground via the sub-base.

Because of this, puddles and standing water will be a thing of the past.

This also makes them SuDS-compliant - SuDs stands for Sustainable Drainage Systems, and is a government initiative to manage stormwater more efficiently and prevent flooding, particularly in urban or suburban areas where development has encouraged surface water to accumulate. The trend of turning front gardens into driveways has contributed to the problem, which is why local authorities often refuse to grant planning permission when certain driveway materials are involved.

The good news is that resin driveways generally don't require planning permission from Peterlee council, which is always a bonus!

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Once your driveway has been installed, it needs very little maintenance and cleaning. It couldn't be simpler - just a stiff broom and maybe a hose down once in a while (perhaps with a pressure washer) and your resin-bound driveway will stay clean and vibrant for many years!

If installed correctly using high-quality resin, your driveway will be resistant to weeds and moss.

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Although they often come with a 10-year guarantee, resin driveways are likely to last for at least twenty years and probably much longer than this.

However, the actual lifespan depends on the quality of the installation process and the materials used.

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Ultraviolet rays from the sun tend to degrade surfaces and cause colours to fade. Resin driveways, however, keep their colour for much longer but only if high-quality UV-resistant resin is used.

Whatever colours or shapes you want, resin-bound surfaces can accommodate your design! Seriously, you can let your imagination go wild here. Need some inspiration?

Take a look at these examples:

Put your house number on the driveway

Add geometric patterns

Add business logos

Add family crests

Use contrasting shades

Use swirling organic patterns

Highlight Raised Beds Or Planters

Basically, we can install a resin driveway in whatever design or colour that you can dream up.

Check out: Our range of resin/aggregate colours!

Few other driveway materials are this flexible when it comes to getting exactly what you want.

The tough, durable surface isn't vulnerable to frost cracking, unlike other materials. In fact, few other driveways are as hard-wearing as resin-bound paving!

Because of this, you'll save money on repairs and maintenance.

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When the Peterlee Resin Crew team installs resin-bound driveways, we always recommend the addition of an anti-slip coating to rule out the possibility of anyone slipping or sliding on the smooth surface.

Few driveways ever match the smooth, flat surface of a resin driveway - if it's installed by competent professionals. The seamless nature of the finished surface makes it much smarter than some other types of driveway material.

With Resin Crew in Peterlee, you'll be astonished by the level finish on your new resin driveway!

Estimates suggest that installing a resin driveway could add between 5% and 10% to the value of your home. While there are other factors involved and the actual figure could be lower or higher, there's little doubt that property values are boosted by the addition of resin drives.

On top of all the other amazing benefits, resin driveways are safe for the environment!

For full disclosure, there are question marks over the actual resin as this is rarely (if ever) natural. Epoxy or poly-resin is most commonly used, but its durability means that your driveway will last a long time.

The real eco-friendly part is that recycled stones can be used, and the permeable nature of resin driveways helps with drainage and stormwater runoff.

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Resin Bound Paving Adds Value To Your Home

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Are There Any Negatives To A Resin Bound Surface?

In the interest of fairness, we should point out the potential downsides of a resin-bound driveway. However, for each negative point, we can add a viable solution!

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Are There Any Negatives To A Resin Bound Surface min
Are There Any Negatives To A Resin Bound Surface min min

As they use natural gravel, this might include iron pyrites that could leach rust into the matrix and spoil the colour.

This can usually be treated with oxalic acid.

Sometimes, cracks and bumps may appear. This is almost always due to the sub-base shifting or being laid incorrectly. To avoid this, always use a professional resin driveway company like Resin Crew.

Water will only pool on the surface of the driveway if it hasn't been laid properly. Again, you need to choose a reputable, trustworthy installer!

If the colour starts to fade soon after installation, then the fitters probably used non-UV-stable resin. The only way to avoid this is to check with the contractor before they install the driveway. While high-quality UV-stable resin has a higher price, the finished surface will look better and last longer.

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How Much Does A Resin-Bound Driveway Cost?

It's difficult to say without knowing the full details of your design, as well as the dimensions and the amount of preparation required.

As a very rough guide, resin driveways generally start at around £50 per square metre, but if you contact the Resin Crew Peterlee team we will put together a quote specifically for your project.

Another factor that will affect the price is whether you opt for a resin-bound overlay on top of your existing surface. Otherwise, we would perform a full excavation to lay a suitable sub-base.

While the overlay is less expensive, it only works if your existing driveway is in excellent condition.

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Resin Bound Vs Resin Bonded?

Don't get these mixed up! Here's a simple explanation to help you:

  • Resin-bound is when the gravel is mixed on-site with the resin and laid by trowel.
  • Resin bonded is when the gravel is laid and resin is poured over the top.

Of the two, resin-bound driveways are better, mainly because they are permeable whereas resin-bonded surfaces are not.

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Got any questions? We're happy to take your call and deal with any concerns or queries you may have about our services and options.

You've seen the many benefits of a resin-bound driveway, so what's stopping you?

Contact the Peterlee Resin Crew team today to take advantage of these and transform your driveway and your home. With our friendly, professional and personal service, you can be sure of perfect results with each resin-bound driveway installation project.

We guarantee that you'll be amazed!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Resin-bound driveways offer several advantages over other materials in the UK. They provide a permeable surface that allows rainwater to drain through, reducing the risk of flooding. They are also durable, low maintenance, and offer a wide range of design options in terms of colours and finishes.

Yes, resin driveways can be installed over an existing driveway surface in the UK. However, the condition of the existing surface will determine whether any preparation work is required. It's important to assess the stability and suitability of the current surface before the resin-bound installation.

Resin-bound driveways in the UK are generally less prone to cracking compared to other materials. The flexibility and elasticity of the resin-bound system allow it to withstand slight movement and temperature changes without developing significant cracks. However, it's important to note that proper installation and regular maintenance are key to minimising the risk of cracks.

Yes, a resin-bound driveway can be repaired if it gets damaged in the UK. Small cracks or damaged areas can typically be repaired by a resin driveway specialist. The damaged section will be assessed, repaired, and blended with the surrounding surface to ensure a seamless finish. However, the extent of the damage and the specific repair techniques may vary depending on the individual case.

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